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Lawn Maintenance

Earn your stripes! Our mowers are equipped with the technology to give your lawn the stripes and patterns that you see in your favorite sports stadiums. Also equipped with mulching kits in order to eliminate the need to bag your clippings all while recycling those precious nutrients back into your lawn! We edge all lawn areas and will blow down your driveway, sidewalks, etc. every visit. An artist is only as good as his canvas so we HIGHLY Recommend combining our mowing service with a premium Weed Control & Fertilization program!

Mowing Frequency

& Disposal of clippings

We make it our Interest to work with you on every aspect of our services. With that being said we offer a variety of different options regarding scheduling and disposal of lawn clippings:



Our recommended plan




Once a Month

Disposal of Clippings


Mulch clippings

This is our most recommended option. Not only is it the least expensive, least time-consuming, but its also the most beneficial for your lawn.


We bag up clippings

and leave on-site for pickup from the city


We bag and haul clippings away

This is the most expensive option.

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