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Weed Control & Fertilization

Knowledge... Generations worth of knowledge pertaining to what works and what doesn't has Enabled us at Lawncare For The World To Organize, prioritize and utilize The most efficient Weed control & fertilization program to best suite your lawns individual needs...

Fertilization & Weed Control 

is a Vital process in the transformation of your lawn. Just as humans need proper nutrition to become the best version of ourselves. So do Our lawns.

With that being said you can call us the "Nutritionist's" of the lawncare world.


Everyone employed at Lawncare For The World is Licensed by the Ohio Department of Agriculture in order to safely implement the use of Professional Grade fertilizers and herbicides.


We offer Simple yet efficient plans that are customizable just for you, so we can provide all the precious nutrients your lawn need all the while working with you in order to fit your budget.

*All of our fertilizers use Patented Armament technology!

Your Fertilization & Weed Control Program Can Make Your lawn And Our World a better place!

-6 Step Premium Worldcare Fertilization Program

Early spring, Round 1, Rise And Shine!

Your Lawn is Waking up from a long nutrient deprived winter and is Starving! So We provide your lawn with a nutrient Rich fertilizer packed with Slow & Quick releasing Nitrogen and Potassium to ensure your lawn is off to the best possible start. Also a Pre-emergent herbicide will be applied to prevent Crabgrass and over 50 other undesirable weeds from taking control of your lawn.

Late spring, Round 2, Dandelions.

Our Custom blend of Fertilizers  Will prepare your lawn against the approaching Summers heat, Drought, and any other stresses that might occur. Round 2  will also ensure the strength of your lawn against coming invasion of dandelions and other unwanted broadleaves.

Summer, Round 3, Easssssyyyy Now.

With Summer in full effect, it is wise to be careful to what kind of fertilizers to apply. We here at Lawncare For The World take what a lot of other companies don't into consideration. Therefore, We apply an extremely delicate blend of fertilizer for this application to avoid any burning or over growth of grass that makes your lawn more susceptible to disease and drought. Weed control as necessary.

Late Summer, Round 4, Time To Refresh.

Your Lawn has just conquered its annual battle against the summer heat! Restoration is Key at this stage. So our Unique Late summer blend will do exactly that! This is the time were we apply our second batch of pre-emergent herbicide in order to ensure your lawn is weed free for the rest of the year.

Fall, Round 5, Smooth Sailing! 

Fall is The most important time of the year to fertilize! Not to mention, the morning dew helps to absorb fertilizer and herbicide more efficiently to produce optimal results! After this application is when your lawn begins to prepare for a long, hard, sun deprived winter.

Late Fall, Round 6, Hibernation... 

Your lawn knows just as well as you do what is coming in the next few weeks. WINTER! What that means is limited sun, sub-freezing temperatures, and 3 months of hibernation. Just as every animal does and what Us humans used to do before society evolved was to Hoard Food. In your lawns case (Nutrients). So we save the best application for last in order to give your lawn everything it needs to store its energy before it goes into dormancy. This last Important application is what gives your lawn a strong foundation in order to absolutely thrive come spring time!

10% of profits on any of our services goes to one of many charitable organizations!

-5 Step Worldcare Fertilization program

Our 5 step Worldcare Fertilization program consists all the steps of our 6 step program except for:

Late Fall, Round 6, Hibernation